Golic Management
Why Golic Management
point We are working and colaborating with players, coachs and/or clubs from France, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovakia, Qatar, Romania...

point Number of external experts are constantnly engaged in counselling and scouting.

point Also We have well developed partnerships with agencies specialized in areas such as financial counciling, medicaland legal advising, advertising...

point The director of Festivus is Andrej Golic, sport agent  of Fédération Française de HandballL n°2008-10, graduated in MBA of sports organisations management of University of Marseille but also World Champion with French national team 2001. and winner of Champions League with Montpellier Handball 2003. between a lot of other career highs
This fact provides the Agency with the capacity and credibility to evaluate the situations, potentials, qualities, opportunities, labour to produce and all other ingredients primordial’s to make a successful career.

point In an enterprise the added value is the additional contribution of a resource, activity or of a process in a realisation of a service.

point The added value of Agency is her capacity to do more, better and different for its clients.